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Do you have a special day that you would like to be recognized annually?  How about a unique product or service?  Having your own National Day can bring you, your company or cause  special recognition every year.  After acceptance, you will receive the following benefits.  Click here to apply for your National Day.   All submissions are confidential.

A press release stating the new designation.

Annual inclusion in the daily post on the website, facebook and twitter.

A professional 18″ x 24″ framed certificate proclaiming your National Day will be sent to you.

A proclamation sent to over 10,000 media that follow National Day Calendar.

Inclusion in our daily radio update heard on hundreds of radio stations in the USA.

The build up to a National Day is great.  News stories, increase in product sales, top of mind awareness and much more can be generated annually.

Many members of the media use National Day Calendar as their source.  Please give as much detail as you can in your application.  The information you provide helps authenticate your claim as well as having a source for the media to report from.

Applications must be sent at least 2 weeks before to be included in the current calendar year.

We also accept one time applications (100th town anniversary, etc .)  Everything stated is the same except for annual inclusion.

Please fill out the form and one of our researchers will verify the information you provide.

Click here to apply for your National Day.   All submissions are confidential.

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