National Wildlife Day - September 4

National Wildlife Day – September 4


Today is National Wildlife Day.  Take a trip down to your local zoo and celebrate!  Wild animals are fascinating and amazing creatures that we can appreciate and learn from.  National Wildlife Day is about two important things: raising awareness for endangered animals and appreciating U.S. zoos, sanctuaries, farms, etc. for helping to preserve our wildlife.


As you go on with your day today, take note of the different animals that you see.  Even if they are domesticated, take a minute to think about where they came from and what they would be like in the wild.  Understand that each species on our planet serves a purpose and should be cared for and protected just as we would our own pets!

**** Visit these sites to learn more about our nation’s wildlife and the endangered species on it****

Post on social media using #NationalWildlifeDay.


Colleen Paige, author and founder of the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network, created National Wildlife day.  She did so not only for the purposes listed above, but to honor the late Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter).  She wanted to keep up the legacy of having a passion and appreciation for the many wild, and some unfamiliar, creatures that we share this planet with.


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