National Vichyssoise Day November 18. Image credit:


November 18 celebrates a cold soup that is loved by many, it is National Vichyssoise Day.

Made thick with pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream and chicken stock and traditionally served cold, Vichyssoise is sometimes eaten hot.

In the United States, Vichyssoise is pronounced: vish – e – swaz.

Culinary historians debate the origin of Vichyssoise however, the man most credited with the (re)invention of the soup is French chef Louis Diat.  Back in 1950, New Yorker Magazine interviewed Diat, who was the chef at the Ritz Carlton in New York City; he told them:

” In the summer of 1917, when I had been at the Ritz seven years, I reflected upon the potato and leek soup of my childhood which my mother and grandmother used to make. I recalled how during the summer my older brother and I used to cool it off by pouring in cold milk and how delicious it was. I resolved to make something of the sort for the patrons of the Ritz.”

Recipes have been found for a soup, very similar to Vichyssoise but served hot, dating back as far as 1869.

Enjoy the following “tried and true” Vichyssoise” recipe:


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator and origin of National Vichyssoise Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


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