National Tune-Up Day is observed annually on September 25th.

It is recommended that homeowners tune up their heating systems every year in advance of seasonal changes to ensure that the systems are operating as efficiently as possible. A heating system tune-up includes removal of dust and dirt in your vents, checking to make sure all your vents are not blocked or leaking and your fuel-jets are working properly. Combustion gases should be analyzed and compared to the specifications of your furnace. The blower access door needs to be checked to assure a tight seal at the furnace. Fresh air intake grills should be checked for blockage, burners need to be checked for proper ignition and flame. The drainage system should also be checked for blockage and leakage. Drains and traps also need to be checked. In addition, the blower wheel and motor, wiring and all filters should also be checked for corrosion and damage. Heating contractors have an extensive checklist they will complete when doing your furnace tune-up.

A heating system tune-up saves energy and reduces heating costs.


Tune-up your heating system and post on social media using
#NationalTune-UpDay to remind others to do so as well.


National Tune-Up Day is sponsored by HomeServe USA, a leading provider of home emergency repair service plans.


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