National Tooth Fairy Day - August 22

National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22


NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY                                                                                                  

Our research has found that National Tooth Fairy Day, an “unofficial” National holiday is celebrated annually by some on this day, August 22nd, while it is annually celebrated by others on February 28th.

For hundreds of years, a visit from the Tooth Fairy has been promised to young children as their baby teeth become loose.  When the tooth comes out, it is placed under their pillow (after it is washed) and the Tooth Fairy visits as they sleep.  The child awakes to a small gift (usually money) in place of the tooth.  If the tooth has been lost, they need not worry, the Tooth Fairy will still visit!!


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The origin and creator of this day was not found during our research.  


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