National Raspberry Cake Day - July 31

National Raspberry Cake Day – July 31


National Raspberry Cake Day is jubilantly celebrated each year on July 31.  Raspberry cake is a cool and refreshing dessert that is a summer time favorite around the United States.

Raspberries are the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family.  The name also applies to the plants themselves.

  • Raspberries are woody stemmed perennials. 
  • Raspberries are widely grown in all temperate regions of the World.
  • Raspberries are a very important commercial fruit crop.
  • At one time, raspberries were a midsummer crop, however with new technology, cultivars and transportation, 
    they can now be obtained year-round. 
  • An  individual raspberry weighs 0.11 – 0.18 oz.
  • An individual raspberry is made up of about 100 drupelets.
  • One raspberry bush can yield several hundred berries a year. 
  • A raspberry has a hollow core once it is removed from the receptacle. 
  • Raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber.
  • Raspberries contain vitamin B1, vitamin B3, folic acid, magnesium, copper and iron.


Enjoy the following “tried and true” Raspberry Cake recipe and share it with your friends and family!

Post on social media using #RaspberryCakeDay and encourage others to join in.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Raspberry Cake Day, an “unofficial” national holiday


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