Annually celebrated on October 26, National Mincemeat Day is a day to enjoy, what has been found in English recipes dating back to the 15th century, a mixture of meat and fruit used as a pie filling.

Originally mincemeat was developed as a way of preserving meat without salting or smoking.  The filling was then used to make mince pies, which were considered a special part of holiday dinners as the are still to some today.   Today, many modern recipes contain only fruit, sometimes with liquor being added.


You may have heard stories about mincemeat pie from your grandparents, aunts and uncles or possibly read about it in a book however, if you have never had the opportunity to try one, this would be the day to do so.  

Following are some “tried and true” mincemeat recipes for you:

Post on social media using #NationalMincemeatDay to encourage others to do the same.


Our research was unable to locate the creator of National Mincemeat Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


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