National Magic Day October 31


As part of National Magic Week, National Magic Day is celebrated by magic lovers across America each year on October 31.

Magic is described as: “Performing art that entertains audiences  by staging tricks of creating illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats using natural means.”

The person performing such illusions is called a magician or an illusionist.

Magical performances have more than likely been performed throughout history.  One of the most well known magicians was Harry Houdini.  Known for his *escapology, Houdini had developed a range of stage magic tricks and made full use of the range of conjuring techniques, including fake equipment and collusion with individuals in the audience.  His show business savvy was as great as his performance skills.  Scranton, Pennsylvania is home to the Houdini Museum.

* Escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. 

There are many different types of magic performances which may fall into one of the falling categories:

Stage illusions – Parlor magic – Platform magic – Micromagic – Escapology – Pickpocket magic – Mentalism – Theatrical seances – Children’s magic –  Online magic tricks – Mathemagic – Corporate magic or trade show magic – Gospel magic – Street magic – Bizarre magic – Shock magic – Comedy magic 


Look up some magic tricks or watch some performances in person or on the internet. Post on social media using #NationalMagicDay to encourage others to do the same.


Our research found that National Magic Day, an “unofficial” national holiday is sponsored by the Society of American Magicians. In 1938, a Chicago member of the Society of American Magicians, sought official sanction for a “Houdini” day. This day was sanctioned by Mrs. Houdini and October 31 was proclaimed National Magic Day in Harry Houdini’s memory.
 Harry Houdini (March 24, 1974 – October 31, 1926)


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