National Macadamia Nut Day - September 4

National Macadamia Nut Day – September 4


Do you care for Macadamia Nut cookies?  If so, indulge in one (or five!) today to celebrate National Macadamia Nut day.  Macadamia nuts, with their rich, buttery taste, are known by most to be one of the most delectable of all nuts. They originated in Australia and are named after physician and chemist, John Macadam, who encouraged the cultivation of the nuts in Australia.

Macadamia nuts are grown on trees resembling large evergreens and grow to 30 to 40 ft. high.  Although they are native to Australia, most of today’s world supply is grown in Hawaii.  They were first commercially grown there in 1921. A few other places, such as Indonesia, South Africa, Central America and California also cultivate some of these tasty nuts.

Macadamia nuts are delicious when eaten raw and also when used in baked goods…..especially cookies! They are also known for their health benefits.  To name a few: rich source of energy, high in dietary fiber, gluten-free, high in mono-unsaturated fat, excellent source of minerals and contain many important B-complex vitamins.


So whether you want to indulge in a treat or reap some health benefits, celebrate by mixing up a batch of your own Macadamia Nut cookies! Post on social media using #NationalMacadamiaNutDay to invite others to join in.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator or origin of National Macadamia Nut Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


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