NATIONAL LABOR DAY – First Monday in September

National Labor Day - First Monday in September

National Labor Day – First Monday in September


It’s Monday!  Monday’s are most people’s least favorite day of the week, so what better way to spend it than to have it off of work! Today we celebrate Labor Day.  We add an extra day to our weekend to celebrate the labor movement, which gave to us better working conditions and fair treatment from our employers and the government. Labor Day is also associated by some as the end of summer, before the school year starts.


Labor Day is often spent as a vacation weekend by many families.  Most campgrounds on this weekend are packed full.  As you celebrate this day, consider and appreciate your hard work and how it has added to the well-being and prosperity of our country and post on social media using #NationalLaborDay to encourage others to do the same.


Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in New York City in 1882.  It was originally celebrated on September 5th, but was moved to the first Monday in September in 1884.  Labor Day started out as a state holiday, getting voted in by individual states, but gained popularity and was voted a national holiday by the U.S. Congress in 1894. 

September 1, 2014
September 7, 2015
September 5, 2016
September 4, 2017
September 3, 2018



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