National Farmers Day - October 12

National Farmers Day – October 12


 A day of honor is very much deserved to all of the hard working farmers hence today, October 12, National Farmers Day, annually celebrates a day for them and to pay tribute to all farmers throughout American history.

 National Farmers Day was previously known as Old Farmers Day.

From very early American culture, a farmers endless hard work has been an example to all of us and today we thank them for their contributions to our economy.

There are some  cities and towns across the United States that have their own versions of Farmers Day, with celebrations and festivals, on various dates throughout the year, many of them in September and October.

October does seem fitting in celebrating National Farmers Day as it is near the end of the harvest and many of the farmers will be able to take a rest from their hard labor to join in the celebration of this holiday.


Thank a farmer for the hard work they do to supply us with food and post on social media using #NationalFarmersDay to encourage others to do so as well.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Farmers Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.  It does appear that the origin of this day began in the 1800′s.


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