National Dumpling Day September 26

National Dumpling Day – September 26


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National Dumpling Day is celebrated annually on September 26th. Dumplings are becoming more popular all the time. They can be served as an appetizer or a part of the main meal. One of the beautiful things about dumplings is that the flavor and shape possibilities are endless.


Enjoy some dumplings with your friends or family. Take photos and post them on social media, using #NationalDumplingDay


TMI Food Group submitted National Dumpling Day in April 2015.  The registrar at National Day Calendar declared that National Dumpling Day will be held annually on September 26th in May 2015.

About the founding entity of National Dumpling Day

TMI Food Group is a minority owned business, founded by brothers Joseph and Terry Tang in 1989. For over 20 years, the Tang Family has continued to work hard, ensuring that the products they offer are of the highest quality and health standards. With its straightforward mission “To make people happy” and vision “To be part of every family’s meals”, TMI Food Group always has and will continue to devote itself to the production of delicious and healthy foods.
Since its inception as Twin Marquis, a small scale noodle factory in Chinatown, TMI Food Group has experienced exponential growth over the years. Its current facilities operate on over 130,000 square feet of production space and have expanded beyond noodles and wrappers to include dim sum, appetizers and dumplings in its repertoire. TMI Food Group is the parent company of subsidiaries Twin Marquis Inc., Chef One Corp. and TMI Trading Corp.

In 2007, TMI Food Group became the first manufacturer of Asian food products in the United States to receive an ISO 22000:2005 certification, an international standard of food safety. The certification was a testament to the company’s dedication to its consumers, taking into consideration all aspects of food production, from research and development to the distribution of its products. Subsidiary brands Chef One Corp. and Twin Marquis Inc. are also HACCP certified.

Media Contacts:

TMI Food Group – Susie Moy – (718) 744-6810

National Day Calendar – Marlo Anderson – (701) 204-6674


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