Congratulations!  You have completed the first step towards having a National Day or Month.  Our committee will now review your application.  Please note that we receive over 18,000 applications yearly and approximately 30 are selected.  Upon acceptance, you will receive an email directing you back to this page to pick one of the packages below.  Feel free to review the packages below so you are better prepared if you are accepted.  Thank you for your interest in National Day Calendar.

Having your own observation can have a dramatic impact on awareness and/or sales.  Many stories are run every day via local and national media on what we are celebrating.

Our team can get your National Day, Week or Month the boost it needs to make it a success.  Your one-time investment will bring you many years of increased sales, donations, awareness and fun!

Bronze Package

Upon acceptance:

  • Inclusion on the annual National Calendar (digital versions).National Gratitude Month
  • Inclusion on all of our social media channels
  • Inclusion on the annual printed version of the Wall Calendar
  • Create a Media Proclamation.
  • Deliver the proclamation (electronically)  to over 20,000 media sources that follow National Day Calendar.  This informs the media and allows them to prepare stories, prep for coverage, etc.
  • Ship a 20″x 30″ framed proclamation to your location.
  • All this and more for only $2,299.99.  No ongoing fee (this is a one-time investment).
  • You may also include prizes that we will give away for increased exposure.

Click here to order the Bronze Package.

We sold over 280 bottles of wine on our website within minutes of the announcement of our National Day.  Sales continue to be brisk during the rest of the year.       

Greg, Maple River Winery.

Silver Package

Everything in the bronze package plus:

  • Receiving Proclamation at Media EventInclusion on the National Day Calendar Daily Radio Update (when this becomes available).  Click on the player below to listen.
  • A Twitter Party to drive additional social media attention.  A minimum of $500 worth of prizes must also be provided.
  • 500,000 views of your Banner Ad on National Day Calendar (a $2,500 value)!
  • All this for only $2,999.99.

Audio Player

Click here to order the Silver Package


 Gold Package

Everything in the Bronze & Silver packages plus:

  • Deliver proclamation in person to location in the USA (Sponsoring organization must provide transportation and lodging).
  • Help with the arrangements for a proclamation presentation in which regional media will be invited.Online Bank Day
  • Facebook contests to drive additional social media attention.
  • An additional 750,000 ad views of your banner (a total of 1.25 million ad views for a total value of $6,250)
  • All this for only $4499.99

Click here to order the Gold Package.   Put our team to work for you to kick off your National Day.


Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP restaurants have raised $20 million to support charities in the communities in which they operate.