National Color Day - October 22


National Day Calendar is acknowledged with thankfulness of living in a colorful nation, as it is celebrated annually on October 22 .   This day was created as a day to learn how colors influence our mood, productivity and behavior in our everyday lives.

It is hard to imagine a world without color, one that is all black, white and shades of gray.  

Color has long been used to create feelings of coziness or spaciousness. However, how people are affected by different color stimuli varies from person to person.

Color can carry specific meaning.

Different colors are perceived to mean different things.
Following is one rendition of perceived meaning of different colors in the
United States.

  • Red:  Excitement – Love – Strength
  • Yellow:  Competence –  Happiness
  • Green:  Good Taste –  Envy – Relaxation
  • Blue:  Corporate –  High Quality
  • Pink: Sophistication –  Sincerity
  • Violet/Purple:  Authority – Power
  • Brown:  Ruggedness
  • Black:  Grief – Fear
  • White: Happiness – Purity.


Wear some color or do some research on color meanings. Post on social media using #NationalColorDay to encourage others to do the same.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of the United States National Color Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


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