NATIONAL BIRTH MOTHER’S DAY – Saturday before Mother’s Day

National Birth Mother’s Day - Saturday Before Mother's Day


The biological mothers of adopted children are recognized each year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, as National Birth Mother’s Day is celebrated across the nation.  The first gathering of National Birth Mother’s Day was on the Saturday before Mother’s Day 1990 in Seattle Washington.  On this day, women gathered to acknowledge each other and support one another, no matter what their circumstances. 


If you do celebrate this day, it is suggested that you use it to promote education of the issues and show compassion and understanding to all birth mothers.


National Birth Mother’s Day, an “unofficial” holiday.  Upon it’s creation, this holiday has become a controversial one.  A day which was established by birth mothers to educate, remember and to cope, was not received well by the birth mothers who gave up their children and were left with feelings of guilt and remorse. They did not want a special day. Then there are others, that want to be remembered, but felt they should be remembered on Mother’s Day.  The controversy continues from the child’s perspective as some of them do not want a relationship with their birth mother.


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