National Anisette Day - July 2

National Anisette Day – July 2


On July 2nd we observe National Anisette Day.   Anisette is an anise-flavored liqueur that is made by distilling aniseed and sometimes adding a sugar syrup.  Anisette is popular in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.

True Anisette should not be drunk straight as its alcoholic content is high enough to cause irritation to the throat. However, mixing it in with coffee, gin, bourbon or water will bring out a bit of a sweet flavor.  To enjoy this sweetness without drinking, you can make Anisette cookies!

If you are one to grab all of the black jelly beans at Easter, you will surely enjoy this day and the drink that makes it special, Anisette.  Although Anisette does not contain licorice, it does have that sort of distinct flavor.


To celebrate, mix some anisette into a favorite drink to enhance the sweetness. You can also make anisette cookies. Post on social media using #NationalAnisetteDay to encourage others to join in paying it forward.


In our research, the creator of National Anisette Day, an “unofficial” holiday, could not be found.


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