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28 Mar

National Day AppDo you have an iPhone or Android?  Do you want to stay informed about what National Day is being observed each day.  NDC is currently developing an app to do just that.  We have some great EARLY BIRD FREEBIES so CLICK HERE to check out the app.


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Some of the coupons and National Day Specials that will be offered in the coming year include:
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In addition to free items, you will receive other money saving offers.  Subscribers to our app will receive first option and special discounts on other National Day Calendar products as they become available.

This will also be perfect for planning business meetings, classroom activities, anniversaries, birthdays and much more.  You will always have the Calendar at a Glance option to help with planning your activities.

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27 Mar

Get the new National Day Calendar App for iPhone and Android.   Click here for more information.

National Something on a Stick Day - March 28

National Something on a Stick Day – March 28


Celebrated each year on March 28, National Something On A Stick Day is a food holiday that lets you use your creative talents.  Once you get started, the possibilities are endless.  Foods that comes on a stick are fun and easy to eat.

The most common one that we all think of is the Popsicle, fudge bar, ice cream bar or any of that type of  frozen treat.  Next on the list might be the corn dog or the caramel apple and of course the lollipop.  Also, as summer nights are drawing near, we might hunger for roasted marshmallows on a stick.  Of course we must mention, one of the newest popular treats on a stick, and a favorite to many, is the cake pops.

Now that some of the regular ones have been mentioned, get inventive and make up some ones of your own.   How about a pear on a stick, meat and cheese squares, brownie bites and marshmallows, fruit and chocolate kabobs or a waffle on a stick?  Have a very creative breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and fun with the day!!


Our research failed to find the creator and the origin of National Something On A Stick Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.

National Black Forest Cake Day - March 28

National Black Forest Cake Day – March 28


March 28th celebrates a food holiday known as National Black Forest Cake Day.  Black Forest cake is the English name for the German dessert Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, meaning “Black Forest cherry torte”.

Most often, the Black Forest cake is made of several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. The cake is then decorated with whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings.   In some traditional recipes, sour cherries are used between the layers and a Kirschwasser (a clear liquor distilled from tart cherries) is added to the cake.  In the United States, alcohol is usually not used, however,  in Germany the liqueur is a mandatory ingredient otherwise the cake can not legally be sold under the  Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte name.

The cake is named after the specialty liquor (Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser) of the region of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) mountain range in southwestern Germany.

To celebrate, try one of the following, “tried and true”,  Black Forest Cake recipes:

Remember to share!


Our research was unable to find the creator of National Black Forest Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


National Weed Appreciation Day - March 28

National Weed Appreciation Day – March 28


Did you know that some weeds are actually beneficial to us and our ecosystem?  National Weed Appreciation Day is celebrated on March 28th of each year and it is a good day to learn more about weeds and their benefits.

Weeds have been used by humans for food and as a herb for much of recorded history.  There are the weeds that are edible and nutritious while other weeds have medicinal value.

Do you remember as a small child the fun you had with dandelions?  They actually serve many useful purposes.  Dandelions are a food source for insects and certain birds.  Humans eat young dandelion leaves and enjoy dandelion tea and dandelion wine.  The Native Americans used dandelions to treat certain ailments.  Nutritionally, dandelions contain a source of vitamin A and  C, calcium, iron, and fiber.

There are also other edible and medicinal weeds, some of which include:

Yellow Dock/Burdock: The taproot of young burdock plants can be harvested and eaten as a root vegetable. Immature flower stalks may also be harvested in late spring, before flowers appear.  The young stalk taste resembles that of artichoke.   It is a good source of dietary fiber and certain minerals, including calcium and potassium. It is also used as a medicinal herb.

Lamb’s Quarter: (also known as goosefoot) The leaves of lamb’s quarter are excellent added to lettuce salads, or cooked and used as a replacement for spinach. Lamb’s quarter seeds our also edible.  They are a good source of protein and vitamin A.

Amaranth: (also known as pigweed)  Amaranth species are cultivated and consumed as a leaf vegetable in many parts of the world.  Its leaves can be cooked and its seeds can be harvested and cooked the same as quinoa. The root of mature amaranth is a popular vegetable. It is white and usually cooked with tomatoes or tamarind gravy. It has a milky taste and is alkaline.  It is high in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, K, B6, calcium and iron, and the seeds are a good source of protein.

Purslane: is considered a weed in the United States, it may be eaten as a leaf vegetable. It has a slightly sour and salty taste.  The stems, leaves and flower buds are all edible. Purslane may be used fresh as salad, stir-fried, or cooked as spinach is, and because of its sticky quality it also is suitable for soups and stews.   It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.  Purslane can be found growing in all 50 states.

Dollarweed: (also known as pennywort) is an aquatic plant that thrives in wet, sandy habitat.  It is native to North America and parts of South America. It can also be found growing as introduced species and sometimes a noxious weed on other continents. It is an edible weed that can be used in salads or as a pot herb.

Before using any weed as a food source, make sure it is correctly identified and that it is free of herbicides and pesticides.  Research the safe edible part of each weed and find useful cooking and preparation tips.

Enjoy National Weed Appreciation Day.


Our research was unable to find the creator and the origin of National Weed Appreciation Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


26 Mar
National Joe Day - March 27

National Joe Day – March 27


Enjoy a cup of “joe” with all of your friends named Joe, Jo, Joey, Joseph, Josephine, Johanna, Joann, Jodie or any variant of the name Joe every year on March 27th, National Joe Day.

During our research, we found that this day has a few different versions as to how it is celebrated.

1.  Honor all people with the name “Joe”
2.  Change your name, just for the day, to a name of your choice.
3.  Everyone change their name to “Joe” for the day.  Females may use  “Josephine” or “Jodie”.

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Joseph was ranked No. 6 from 1893 to 1899 behind John, William, James, George, and Charles.  In 1910, it moved to No. 5.  From 1911 to 2005 it was ranked No. 12 or lower.

The choice is yours as to how you would like to celebrate.  However you choose, have a happy National Joe Day!


Our research was unable to find the origin or the creator of National Joe Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


National Spanish Paella Day - March 27

National Spanish Paella Day – March 27


March 27th is the annual celebration of National Spanish Paella Day.  A rice dish from Spain, paella has become very popular and is known around the world.  It originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain.

At lunch time, workers in the fields would make the rice dish in a flat pan over a fire. They mixed in whatever they could find – such as rabbits, snails and vegetables. Later, for special occasions,  chicken was added.   Paella has spread to every region of Spain, as well as worldwide, using almost any type of ingredient that goes well with rice.

There are many versions of recipes of paella.  A key ingredient is saffron and olive oil.  Saffron is an essential spice that also turns the rice a nice golden color.

Create a wonderful dish of paella to celebrate National Spanish Paella Day.

Try one of the following “tried and true” Spanish Paella recipes:


Our research was unable to find the origin and the creator of National Spanish Paella Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.


25 Mar
National Nougat Day - March 26

National Nougat Day – March 26


National Nougat Day is celebrated each year on March 26th.  This food holiday is in celebration of a soft and chewy or sometimes hard and crunchy candy.

” Nougat is a variety of similar traditional confectionaries made with sugar and/or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites, and sometimes candied fruit.”  It is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates.”   (Wikipedia)

There are three basics kinds of nougats:

1.     White nougat – made with beaten egg whites and honey.
2.     Brown nougat – made without egg whites and has a firmer, often crunchy texture.
3.     Viennese or German nougat – chocolate and nut praline

In the United States, the “nougat” used as an ingredient in many modern candy bars is different from the traditional recipes.  Now it is made of a mixture of sucrose and corn syrup aerated with a whipping agent such as egg white or hydrolyzed soy protein or gelatin.  It is the preferred and often used ingredient of large candy companies because it is inexpensive to make and used as a filler.

Varieties of nougat are found in:
3 Musketeers, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Zero, Salted Nut Rolls, Reese’s Fast Break, Reese’s Whipps, Baby Ruth, and others.

Enjoy some nougats on National Nougat Day!


Our research was unable to find the creator or the origin of National Nougat Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.

National Spinach Day - March 26

National Spinach Day – March 26


National Spinach Day is observed annually on March 26th.  Not only are there so many delicious ways that you can enjoy spinach, it is also extremely good for you!

An annual plant,  spinach is native to central and southwestern Asia. Thought to have originated in ancient Persia, Arab traders carried spinach into India, and then it was introduced into ancient China where it was known as “Persian vegetable   The earliest available record of the spinach plant was recorded in Chinese, saying that the spinach plant was introduced into China via Nepal.

In 1533, Queen Catherine de Medici of France, liked spinach so much that she insisted it be served at every meal.  To this day, dishes made with spinach are known as “Florentine”, reflecting Catherine’s birth in Florence.

  • Spinach is:

* Eaten raw or cooked and is available  fresh, frozen or canned.
*  One of the best sources of iron.
*  A great source of calcium, folic acid, fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins A, C and K.
*  Is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants.
*  Believed to help improve cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health.

Types of spinach:

Savoy:  dark green color with curly leaves; usually sold in fresh bunches.
Flat or Smooth Leaf:  broad smooth leaves;  mostly grown for canned and frozen spinach as well as soups, baby food and processed foods.
Semi-savoy:  a hybrid variety with crinkly leaves:  is sold fresh and processed.

  • Following China, The United States is the worlds second largest producer of spinach.
  • California, Arizona and New Jersey are the top spinach producing states in the United States.

You might want to have a fresh spinach salad or a spinach pizza or maybe a warm delicious spinach dip.  If one of those is not your choice maybe it would be a dish of creamed spinach or spinach lasagna.

There are many ways to add spinach to your daily diet and partake in it’s health benefits.

Have a wonderful National Spinach Day.


Our research was unable to find the creator or the origin of National Spinach Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.

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