Reserve Your 2016 Wall Calendar

The most fun you will ever have with a calendar!

We have been receiving many requests as to when you can order the 2016 calendar.  We understand as you want to guarantee that you get your calendar before they sell out.  This is why we are offering an opportunity to reserve your copy of the 2016 National Day WALL Calendar.

The National Day WALL Calendar will keep you informed of all the great days we celebrate or observe throughout the year.  So if it is National Cookie Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day or National Ice Cream Day, you will always be ready to celebrate.  Start 2016 with a great new calendar !

Please click here for pricing and more information.

For a limited time, you can reserve the 2016 National Day Wall Calendar.  This 12″x 24″ calendar will list all 2016 National Days.  We are currently working on the 2016 calendar so samples of pages are not yet available to view.  However, the photos below are from the 2015 calendar which is similar.  The new calendar will feature great photos for each month during 2016 as well.

The 2016 sale pricing will expire on August 15th or when we reach our goal.  This will guarantee that you get a 2016 calendar and also save a couple of dollars. Pricing will then go to regular retail on August 15th until we sell out.  Calendars will ship on December 1st.   Click here for pricing and more information.

The National Day Wall Calendar also makes a great gift.



Cover of the Ntional Day Wall Calendar

Cover of the 2015 National Day Wall Calendar


12 Responses to “Reserve Your 2016 Wall Calendar”

  1. maggie August 4, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    I would like to reserve 2 wall calendars – home & the office

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